All About Darfur 0+

Taghreed Elsanhouri, UK 2005, original version / English subtitles, 82 min

While studying in Britain, Taghreed Elsanhouri met a young doctor, who was from Sudan as herself. They fell in love, but when the time came to introduce their families, her boyfriend ended their relationship explaining that they could never be happy. All because their ancestors had different roots, both ethnical and religious. At that time Taghreed Elsanhouri decided to return to Sudan for her to understand why the country and its people had divided into two disparate parts. Islam and Christianity, or Arabs and Africans? The director visits different places asking the Sudan people what is the true cause of the conflict: whether they think it is rather a political or racial issue. She comes to her old basic school and witnesses an improvised play based on Sudanese legends mapping the early days of the Arab and African coexistence. Children are divided in two ethnic groups according to the colour shade of their complexion. The key the teacher uses to determine who is Arab and who is African seems so absurd given the hundreds years of mixing between the two nationalities, however it is far from being such key only at a school playground. Janjaweed, the Arab extremist group, attacks villages of Sudanese Africans with brutal force, burning their houses and killing their inhabitants. The government composed mostly of Arab ethnic, as well as television and other public institutions, pretends not to see anything. Not even one of the largest refugee camp in the town of Darfur, where the black Sudanese people turned to seek refugee after having been deprived of their homes and families.


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