All my Children 0+

(Všechny moje děti), Ladislav Kaboš, CZ / SK 2013, Czech, 90 min

The central character of the film is a charismatic priest Marián Kuffa. In the film the viewer sees him rather in dirty overalls and follows the drama of the mission in an environment of poverty and hopelessness in forgotten gypsy settlements. Instead of preaching Kuffa keep trying to lead people by own example and by human interest. He tries to help the poorest: instead of living in shacks he teaches them to build dignified houses. Film shockingly reveals the problems that this community is facing to. The filmmakers were even witnesses of the tragedy when two of the local children burned to death in a fire of a shack. We are following dramatic micro-stories of gypsy people and Sisyphus´ fight of Kuffa with the harsh reality: he wants "his children" to discover their abilities, learn not to be envy and help one another. Will he succeed?

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