All the Invisible Children 0+

(Všechny neviditelné děti), Various, Various 2000, original version / Czech subtitles, 116 min

Tanza (Mehdi Charef / Italy - Algeria / 2005 / 16min.)
After seeing his family massacred, a 12-year-old African boy joins an army of freedom fighters. Ordered to detonate two bombs, he discovers his target is a school where children just like him will be arriving shortly.

Blue Gypsy (Emir Kusturica / Italy - Serbia - Montenegro / 2005 / 17min.)
Uroš, a young gypsy boy, is to be released after three years in a juvenile detention centre. But because he must return to his father, who forces him to steal, his feelings are mixed and he must choose which path his destiny will take.

Jesus Children of America (Italy - USA / 2005 / 20min.)
Blanca, a Brooklyn teenager, learns she was born HIV positive from her drug addicted parents...

Bilu e João (Kátia Lund / Italy - Brazil / 2005 / 15min.)
A day in the life of Bilu and João, two children struggling to get by on the streets of São Paulo.

Jonathan (Jordan Scott - Ridley Scott / Italy - United Kingdom / 2005 / 16min.)
Jonathan is a photojournalist, whose work has left him disillusioned and damaged. Desperate to escape his torment, he regresses into childhood…

Ciro (Stefano Veneruso / Italy / 2005 / 13min.)
Ciro is a poor kid from outskirts of Naples. One day, along with his friend Bertucciello, he assaults a motorist in order to steal his Rolex: in broad daylight on a crowded street. Then the two kids run away in separate directions towards the unseen.

Song Song and Little Cat (John Woo / Italy - China / 2005 / 19min.)
Two little girls from different backgrounds – the penniless orphan Little Cat and the wealthy but unhappy Song Song. This story follows their struggles and illuminates the unexpected parallels of their lives.


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