All the Invisible Things 0+

(Heile Welt), Jakob M. Erwa, RAK 2007, german / english and czech sub, 90 min

Everything will get better, but still not good. Freedom and loneliness are close. As well as joy and sadness, screams and speechlessness, violence and tenderness, aggression and helplessness. All the Invisible Things delivers an insight look into four stories, which are strongly connected to each other. The main topics – isolation in the urban mass and impossibility to communicate – gain complexity via interconnecting single episodes. We experience one day, one night and the day after from the perspective of a group of people. The story is centred on three adolescents, who are in the amphibian stage between being a child and a grown-up. Snapshots of young, untamed people trying to cope with their feelings and their surroundings. Just now they would need limitations, backing and hope. In fact, they signalize the opposite. The generation of their parents face just as many challenges. Among loss, love that faded away, difficulties of parenthood and their own needs they try to understand their children… Or at least to make the best of it.

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