All Tomorrow‘s Parties 0+

Jonathan Caouette,, GB 2009, English version / Czech subtitles + Czech subtitles, 90 min

All Tomorrow’s Parties is a DIY concert film featuring performances from an eclectic mix of artists, including Nick Cave and the group Grinderman, Portishead, Animal Collective, Sonic Youth, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grizzly Bear, Belle and Sebastian, Battles, and many others. The film takes its title from the cult festival of the same name: All Tomorrow’s Parties is a fiercely independent fest that many music-lovers regard as one of the world’s most important music events. Musicians and fans spend a few days living side by side in an intimate and communal atmosphere, serving up a heady combination of alternative music, crazy golf and chalet-living. At each festival a band or artist is chosen to gather together their own favourite artists who perform over a weekend in an out-of-season holiday camp by the sea. Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore described the festival as the ‘ultimate mix tape’. The film offers a bricolage made from Super8, camcorder and mobile phone footage contributed by over 200 filmmakers, fans and musicians over the course of the festival’s recent history, with key contributions from co-director Jonathan Caouette and cinematographer Vincent Moon.

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