Almost Holy 12+

(Crocodile Gennadiy), Steve Hoover, USA, UA 2015, Original version, Czech subtitles, 96 min

Pastor Gennadiy is as friendly a do-gooder as Gena the Crocodile in the Soviet animated series. He lives in Mariupol, in Ukraine’s Donetsk Province, and, for years, he has worked tirelessly to fix the world. He looks for street children and gives them back a life. He and his wife have adopted 32 kids to add to their 3. He obtains food, medicine, work and housing for the homeless and drug addicts. He rescues domestic abuse victims. His efforts have revealed the flaws in the Ukrainian social system, but, at the same time, spread the hope that every story may end happily. When war breaks out in Ukraine, even the unshakable Gennadiy experiences a twinge of futility. The brave pastor captured the attention of the well-known director Terrence Malick, who is listed as one of the film’s producers.

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