An Earthy Paradise for the Eyes 0+

(Zemský ráj to na pohled), Irena Pavlásková, CZ 2009, Czech version, 119 min

The story for the screenplay of An Earthy Paradise for the Eyes… depicts the banal yet extraordinary life of an attractive, vital woman, Marta, her two adolescent daughters, Majda and the younger Gábina, and their “fathers”. The plot covers a critical decade of our recent history, starting on the eve of the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968 and ending with the persecution of Charter 77 signatories, when a divorced man, the father of both girls, once an actor and later a prominent dissident, emigrates with his young bride, while his outwardly-appearing cowardly and apolotical ex-wife Marta stays behind and faces the adverse era quietly and persisently. We all have had and still have our faults, we all had to live through that period somehow, we all had to face it somehow, we are beautiful and ridiculous, strong and weak, we have our shining moments and we sometimes drown in silly family disputes. All of that in a period that did not desire free decisions and gestures of will. All of that about people who have succesfully defended their freedom – each according to his own.

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