An Inconvenient Truth 0+

Davis Guggenheim, USA 2006, English version / Czech subtitles, 100 min

Al Gore speaks about climate change and its consequences in this documentary that is based on his multimedia lectures on environmental issues. His compelling appearance is interrupted by scenes recalling his career in the Democratic Party. He explains his lifelong interest in ecology, and refers to a personal crisis that shaped is approach to life. _ Gore explains the scientific conclusions and evidence on global warming as a product of human actions. He points out the economic, political, and moral consequences that permanent climate change will lead to. The time for discussion, says Gore, is over. _ This articulate activist stands before a large screen, onto which graphs, quotations, animated images and photographs are projected elucidating the arguments in his lecture. Among the strongest images are the shots of maps indicating the regions that will be flooded by the rising sea levels. _ My name is Al Gore, and I used to be the next President of the United States, is how this man, whose Harvard dissertation was on The Impact of Television on the Presidency in 1947-69 and who spent to electoral terms in the White House as Clinton's Vice President, introduces himself. After suffering a close defeat in the elections when his presidential race with George Bush was finally decided by the courts he disappeared from the public eye. _ The American media called on experts to comment on the scientific side of this film. The majority of them endorsed Gore's outlook. In science, however, a majority does not yet signify proof or fact.
- Petr Kubica - IDFF Jihlava

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