Angola Saudades From the One Who Loves You 0+

(Angola Saudades de quem te ama), Richard Pakleppa, JAR - Angola 2005, original version / English subtitles, 65 min

For the first time in history Angola is experiencing freedom. After twenty–six years of war the country has finally been able to enjoy a period of peace over the past three years. This is an important reason for joy and celebration. Instead, however, the director Richard Paklepp has captured on film a prevailing mood of melancholy in the country. People exhausted by years of war have not yet seen much in the way of change. Each year Angola moves higher up the ladder of the world's biggest oil producers. It also has a substantial amount mineral wealth, especially top–grade diamonds. Nevertheless, there are still not enough schools and hospitals in the country, and the population's main concern continues to be the need to find enough food to keep from starving. Only the bombardments have subsided. Bands of children now try to survive in the ruins left behind on the ground, earning money by washing luxury cars. All the country's wealth goes into the already bulging pockets of new colonialists from the West, who are interested in a piece of the country's young market. The complaints of ordinary people from the towns and countryside are fused into a single melodic psalm composed by the young rapper MCK, who is one of local youngsters washing cars. He simply but accurately identifies the problems in his country, a country in whose future he nonetheless believes in and therefore celebrates and defends in a continuous poem.


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