Animalada 0+

Sergio Bizzio, RA 2001, Spanish version / English and Czech subtitles, 92 min

When rancher Alberto meets Fanny, a sheep on his farm, a love is born and baa-aa-ad things start to happen. If you ever had a feeling, that Argentinean soap operas seriously lack some quiet zoophilia and a touch of explicit violence, Sergio Bizzio‘s Animalada will leave you satisfied in both departments. This furry romance is full of jealousy, rape, murder, cheating lovers, worried families, and crazy people. Resting on the brim of complete insanity, this black comedy opens the floodgate for discourse on taboo love, perversions and inter-species relationship and by the time its all over with, it really makes you think - not only about how you interact with those you love, but also about why the hell you just watched and enjoyed a sheep-fucking movie as much as you just did.

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