Animals 0+

Marçal Forès, E 2012, English and Spanish version / English and Czech subtitles, 94 min

Deerhoof is the name of a band as well as of Pol’s most intimate friend - though Laia would prefer to be the closest person to him. Pol does not want to speak of Deerhoof to anyone. Rather it is the other way around: he tells Deerhoof about everything and everyone. Deerhoof is a medium-sized sand-colored plush teddybear and he has been Pol’s companion since Pol’s childhood. But now Pol is a student at an English high school and should be getting used to such kinds of relationships, people and a world that is different from his own – a world with a mysterious lake, a tunnel, and an ancient yellow bike. Animals in the woods are growing impatient and Pol’s class is joined by a strange new boy with a Japanese name Ikari, who becomes Pol’s enticement to glimpse beyond his safe reality. It is not easy to accept such an invitation though… Beware, wildlife ahead! Also, Martin Freeman (of Sherlock and The Hobbit fame) co-stars in Marçal Forés’s appraised, magical debut as Pol’s teacher.

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