Animated Cartoon Movie Workshop in Leitnerova Club 0+

(Workshop kresleného animovaného filmu na Leitnerce), 2019, Czech, 150 min
Animated Cartoon Movie Workshop in Leitnerova Club

Did you know that the Czech animated fairy-tale Little Mole by Zdeněk Miller is made by drawn animation? And would you like to create such a great cartoon animated movie?

Studio Scala in cooperation with Leitnerova club prepared a  workshop of cartoon film animation for you. This animation technique is one of the oldest and for a long time one of the most widespread types of animation. Nowadays, cartoon animation is created mainly with the help of computers.

At the workshop you will working on mainly classic hand drawn animations. WE shall draw the individual phases, animate our drawings and make a short film.

If you like drawing, do not hesitate and come to create your animated cartoon.

The workshop is for children from 8 years and for adults.

Date: Saturday 30th November from 14:00 to 16:30
Place: Leitnerova Club, Leitnerova 2, 602 00 Brno
Price: child 300 CZK, adults 400 CZK, 1 child + 1 adult 600 CZK
Workshop tickets are available here:


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