Anywhere But Here 0+

(Überall nur nicht hier), Tamara Milosevic , D 2009, original version / English and Czech subtitles, 72 min
Anywhere But Here

Fourteen years after the notorious massacre in which more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were murdered by Serbian forces, life is slowly settling down in Srebrenica, Bosnia. Eighteen-year-old Samira returns from exile in Western Europe, but she feels she is taking a step backwards. The mayor Malkic is another character in the film. He deals with the official complaints of the town's inhabitants, welcomes delegations, organises commemorative events, and also does not forget about his own business plans. The orthodox priest Mitar reflects on whether it is really possible to describe the Srebrenica Massacre as genocide, if - in his words - it was "simply a reversal of the role of murderer and victim." The past has still not been forgotten here and it smoulders beneath the apparently quiet surface of things. In this place, any sensitive event is always interpreted in an ambiguous manner. This lively documentary by Tamara Milosevic with excellent music by Ilja Coric, asks questions about how a town full of antagonistic inhabitants can come to terms with its dark past.

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