Armin 0+

Ognjen Sviličič, HR - D - BiH 2007, Croatian-German version / English subtitles / translated into Czech, 82 min

14-year-old Armin and his father Ibro set off from their God-forsaken little Bosnian town for the capital of Croatia – Zagreb, to hold an audition for the fi lm about the recent war, produced by German crew. The boy is relatively calm about the whole thing, whereas his father Ibro appears to do anything to ensure his son’s success. He would even humiliate himself if need be, which Armin fi nds extremely distressing. Armin feels he is being betrayed by the person closest to him. When they get an unexpected off er, the father’s reaction to it is just as surprising. For Armin, however, it’s a proof of the love he had begun to have doubts about.


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