Art Brut - Jan Křížek 0+

Martin Řezníček, ČR 2005, 58 min

For the sculptor and painter Jan Křížek work in the field and with his apiaries as a beekeeper was a means of escape from existential problems. Křížek was an outstanding Czech artist who worked in France after the war creating pieces of art in the style of art brut.

This sensitive documentary is based on the accounts of his wife, and the film’s lyrical imagery tries to demarcate the relationship between art and the state of man, at the same time allowing the intimate and the remote to intersect in this invitation to an almost forgotten body of work.

The director touches things lightly, knowing that they could quickly evanesce, and seeks harmony in the moral and the artistic, recognising the value of a silence in which solitude becomes wholeness, and as such leads to peace and contemplation.

The entrance to the hive is filled with bees, balancing the absence of faces in the film – we never see the face of Křížek’s wife, who is recalling her memories. Martin Řezníček has a shot a transparent film. He does not put up obstacles but rather exposes the deepness of life, which becomes the general truth of human fate.

This gentle film replete with sensitivity is an expression of intimacy and trust, which never questions love, as love is stronger and less equivocal, and the recollection of love staves off pain. The director’s encounter with Křížek’s widow is an opportunity to realise that everything has meaning, even the simplest of gestures, as long as it is perceived in this way.

(source: catalogue MFDF Jihlava)


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