Art of Crying 0+

(Kunsten at græde i kor), Peter Schønau Fog, DK 2006, Danish version / Czech subtitles, 106 min

A dark drama set in Denmark in the 70s, saved from the grey blanket of depression only by a typically northern black humour. Eleven-year-old Allan lives in a dysfunctional family which is destructed from within by his mentally ill father who, however, has a remarkable capability to emotionally move people and is therefore a wanted funeral orator. At home, though, his pretended crying demands his family’s attention and compassion. Allan’s older sister is the only one capable of \"calming\" the father, but neither she can stand this and before long she ends up in an asylum with a terrifying secret. Father is only consoled by funeral speeches, so Allan decides to provide him with some opportunities …

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