Ask the Sexpert 0+

Vaishali Sinha, USA, IND 2017, English, Hindi / Czech and English subtitles, 78 min

In the land that gave the world the Kamasutra, sex is still taboo. Dr Watsa, a 93-year-old "sexpert" and pioneer of sex education who is both beloved and reviled, has been trying to restore Indians' healthy relationship with sex since 1976.

Sexual education is not taught in school in a third of all Indian states. No wonder, therefore, that Dr Watsa's "Ask the Sexpert" column in the Mumbai Mirror is one of the most widely read ever. The 93-year-old sexologist responds patiently and objectively to curious, desperate and sometimes bizarre questions about sex not only in writing, but even in person to anyone who comes to his house. "What I do is literally like a drop in the ocean," Watsa says about his work. The film reveals attempts to raise sexual self-awareness in contemporary India and through these stories provides an intimate portrait of a man who has devoted his life to leading this cause.

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