Audience Winner JS - Second Place: #FollowMe 0+

(Vítězný film JS – 2. místo: #FollowMe), Nicolaas Veul, Duco Coops, NL 2018, English, Dutch, Italian, Russian / Czech and English subtitles, subtitles for Hard-of-Hearing, 50 min
Audience Winner JS - Second Place: #FollowMe


Instagram is like a showcase where people promote themselves. "Everything you see is a charming page. But you don´t know what's going on behind the curtain, "explains Mike from Dovetale, who analyzes social media. There are huge numbers of fake profiles and web robots produce new fake followers for those who want to feel more successful. Is there still anything to believe in Instagram?

Followed by debate with Michal Zlatkovsky, data journalist at Cesky Rozhlas

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