Blue 0+

Karina Holden, AUS 2017, English version / Czech (special for deaf) and English subtitles, 76 min

This visually impressive documentary shows the impacts of human activity on ocean ecosystems, as well as the possibilities to protect the sea from ourselves.

The ocean is where life on Earth began and its ecosystem has a major impact on the climatic conditions of the entire planet. At first glance it still looks like an unlimited reservoir of life. "This surplus is just an illusion," says one of the protagonists, oceanologist and diver Lucas Handley. Over half of the animals have disappeared from the ocean during the last 40 years. The film features women and men from various disciplines who demonstrate in many places on the planet how the disruption of one link in this open structure has a chain reaction effect on the others. However, the film is not just a message about the alarming state of our environment; it also depicts the inspirational stories of several people who have decided to become active protectors.


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