Banana Kids 0+

(Banánové děti), Martin Ryšavý, CZ 2009, Czech version / Vietnamese subtitles, 57 min

After a successful realization and presentation of the film „Who will teach me the half of the character“, the realization team started in August to prepare other film with a working title „Banana Kids“ under the supervision of a director Martin Ryšavý and a producer Miloslav Doležal.

The main theme is based on comparisons of life stories of several child heroes, or several Vietnamese families settled in the Czech Republic. Whereas the adults spend most of their time working, speak badly Czech and feel homesick, their kids learn Czech at school, become accustomed to Czech environment more quickly, speak Czech better than Vietnamese and have only a weak relation to their country. Vietnamese kids then begin a common part of children collective in the Czech Republic. In the film there will be shots from Vietnam, where time to time some immigrants return with their families to visit their home and relatives - if they have enough money. The most often go there during the period of celebrating a lunar new year, what is the biggest Vietnamese feast, connected with a strong family tie.

In general the film should mainly show a life of people from two very different cultures and the pace of assimilation processes with an emphasis on expressing the differences in traditional ways of family common life and comparing value scales. The film has been preparing with a cooperation of prominent Vietnamists.


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