The Bank 12+

(Pank), EST 2018, Estonian with English and Czech subtitles, 2 x 57 min, 114 min

The Bank is based on a true story, documenting the rise of one of the most successful banks in the Baltics. The story is based on real characters and events at a significant point in history, following the collapse of the Soviet empire. Everything was gone. Everything had to be rebuilt. From scratch. Politics, businesses, relationships, life.

Early nineties in Estonia, a country that has just gained its independence. Toomas works at the local gas station to support his studies and make a living. One day a random conversation with a customer lands him a job at a new and rapidly growing bank. Toomas suddenly finds himself catapulted into a new world, at the sharp end of big deals and complex transactions. His career quickly soars. By grit, guts and intelligence he soon rises through the ranks, up to the board of Nordbank. At the same time, whilst his career booms, his old life is falling apart.

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