Rams 12+

(Hrútar), Grímur Hákonarson, IS, DK 2015, Icelandic version / Czech version, 93 min

Kiddi drinks and likes his shooting. Gummi doesn’t drink and doesn’t shoot. Both have wild hair and great beards. Gummi and Kiddi are single brothers who inhabit an inhospitable Icelandic valley, their houses are a stone’s throw apart and they both tend sheep. And they are also proud to compete in the contest to find the best ram. Yet they haven’t spoken to one another for the best part of their lives. This year Kiddi wins the ram contest by a whisker and disgruntled Gummi then decides to inspect the prize ram in its enclosure. He becomes suspicious that it might be infected with a lethal disease – if that is the case, it would have to be destroyed, along with all the other herds in the valley. In spite of this, Gummi still sends the vet to see Kiddi. “Both my parents were raised in the countryside and I was sent there to live and work most summers,” says Grímur Hákonarson who, in Rams, deals a typically Icelandic hand – grumpy beardies, hostile weather and sparing shots. The tragicomic plight of the brothers, who under pressure of circumstances have to rethink their relationship, nevertheless has global ramifications as well.

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