Best of Brutal Relax Show 0+

různí, Original version / Czech subtitles, 88 min
Best of Brutal Relax Show

Do you think that you have seen it all? That the cinema can no longer surprise you? And even less shock you? The Best of Brutal Relax Show collection of short films will change your mind. These shorts from all over the world clash all expectations and conventions with their original form and shocking and absolutely incorrect content. Watch out, lest you lose an eye, just like little Olin did in Irish horror film How Olin Lost His Eye. Another harsh fate awaits an unfaithful husband who dared to do some hanky panky with a client in his butcher’s – as a punishment, he is most likely to end up in hamburgers, as we learn in a Cuban film Cebú. The main hero of Happy B-Day is up for a surprise during his routine morning run in the forest and it is not going to be a surprise party, that is for sure. And what will become of a group of bullies, tormenting 13 year old Ruby? This wreck yard girl will use the most dreadful weapon of all, herself. The whole “Best of Brutal” program could quite possibly be summed up with the name of the film He Dies in the End. So just sit back and relax with that and nine other crazemazing films that cannot be further away from poetic fairy tales. Let’s face it, aren’t we all fed up with fairy tales after all?

Happy B Day
Directed by:  Holger Frick, Germany, 2013, 8min.
On this cold, snowy morning, Tobias could not have imagined in his wildest dreams, what would happen to him on his usual running-route through the woods. Especially on his birthday!

Directed by:  Sean Byrne, Australia, 2008, 11min.
Some tennis matches simply cannot end well – especially when the adversary has home court advantage. 

How Olin Lost His Eye
Directed by: Damian Mc Carthy, Ireland, 2014, Colour, 6min.
Loitering around a burnt-down house is not the greatest of ideas. But tell this to a curious little Olin who just likes to peek where he shouldn’t.

Directed by:  Nikola Majdak Jr., Ana Nedeljkovic,  Serbia and Montenegro, 2013, Colour, 5 min.
The little pink rabbits don’t mind at all that they are living in a war-zone land. They have no brains and are constantly happy. They spend their days voting in seemingly free and democratic elections, being totally ignorant that they are in fact just puppets of a group of Bad Girls.

Directed by: Ben Mallaby, United Kingdom, 2013, Colour, 9min.
Who would have thought that a badminton match can lead to brutal injuries? The battle between the Dunkinson brothers and the Krullmuller sisters is not for the faint-hearted. Note: Do not try this at home!

Directed by: Michael Spiccia, Australia, 2012, Colour, 13min.
13-year-old Ruby lives in a remote wrecking yard decides to sneak into town against her father’s wishes. It isn't long before she comes across the town bullies and goes out of her way to defend a small animal. The boys then take revenge on Ruby and torment her father, which ultimately leads to a final showdown where Ruby is forced to take on the bullies with the thing she fears most, herself.

Directed by: Pablo Belaubre, Cuba, 2012, Colour, 12min.
Those who never wished to turn an unfaithful partner into minced meat may throw a meat-ax. Susana catches her husband Ivan in his butcher’s store, having lots of fun with one of the customers, Maruschka. And that is a beginning of a brutal fight which somebody could become a hamburger material. Rare or medium?

The Spook House
Directed by:  Koldo Serra, Spain, 2003, Colour, 18min.
A man is selected as a volunteer for an experiment studying human behavior face to face to extreme horror. If he manages to hold on, he will receive in return a generous sum of money. Is it possible to terrify an individual who knows beforehand that everything is a farce?

He Dies at the End
Directed by:  Damian McCarthy, Ireland, 2011, B&W,  5min.
Working alone, late at night, an office worker begins answering the questions put to him by his computer.

The Fly
Directed by:  Olly Williams, UK, 2013, Colour, 7min.
Each of us has probably seen countless bank robberies in various films. Most of the time, however, we see what is going on inside the bank, not knowing what kind of terror can the driver who is waiting outside go through. Olly Williams’ black comedy proves that bloodshed can happen even on the small space of a car. Just wait and see who in fact starts the brutal fight.

I Fink U Freeky
Directed by:  Roger Ballen, South Africa, Colour,  2012, 4min.
A video born from the sound and look of Die Antwoort and the wild imagination of Roger Ballen.


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