Chalo Dilli 0+

Shashant Shah, IND 2011, Hindi / Czech and English subtitles, 116 min

A go-getter and no nonsense woman, Mihika divides the world into losers and winners. Heading back home from Mumbai to Delhi, she misses her flight and encounters Manu Gupta, a podgy and loud merchant from Delhi. Manu is everything that Mihika isn’t. Loud. Crass. Obnoxious. Rude. He isn’t an idiot. He is very smart. Street smart. But mostly over smart. As fate (and the script) would have it… Mihika lands up in a situation where she and Manu are stuck together for the rest of the journey to Delhi. Special appearance of Yana Gupta, a Czech actress and dancer who made it in Bollywood!

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