China's Artful Dissident | JS 0+

(China's Artful Dissident), Danny Ben-Moshe, AUS-RC-F-USA 2019, original version / Czech subtitles, 60 min

An anonymous Chinese artist is fighting against a totalitarian state that has already caught up with many of his colleagues. What can one person do against a seemingly omnipotent regime?

The place of work of Badiucao, as the Chinese artist calls himself, is the social networks and streets of Australia, where he has fled from the Communist regime. His political drawings critiquing the Chinese government are spreading around the world thanks to his fans. To have a voice, a dissident must have no public name or face. Documentary filmmaker Danny Ben-Moshe came a few paces closer to him than others, yet Badiucao is careful not to reveal too much about himself so that the Chinese government cannot find him. If they did, he and his family would face severe punishment. But he is convinced that he could not live with himself were he to choose a comfortable life in silence.

Screening is followed by a Skype debate with Chinese political cartoonist Badiucao.

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