Daddy 0+

(Tatínek), Jan Svěrák a Martin Dostál, CZ 2004, Czech version / English subtitles, 92 min

Daddy is an extensive portrait of a famous Czech author, actor, lyric writer and screenwriter Zdeněk Svěrák. The film was shot by Zdeněk’s son, the director Jan Svěrák and his colleague Martin Dostál. Through Daddy the viewer has a unique chance to explore the long-lasting solidarity which is the base for the success of the renowned Cimrman theatre company. The childhood of Zdeněk Svěrák discloses to date unknown personal experiences which reflect themselves in many well-known films shot according to his screenplays. A very important aspect of the film is the cooperation of the family tandem – father and son, which culminates in the never-effectuated project “Returnable Bottles”.


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