Daddy & Papa / Masha Mom 0+

Johnny Symons / Michał Bukojemski, USA / POL 2002, English version - Czech subtitles / English and Russian version - Czech subtitles, 92 min
  • The documentary offers a complete look at the phenomenon of gay parenthood in The United States. The film follows the lives of four families (including the family of the author of the film) which went through the very complex process of child adoption. It focuses on the process of foster care and child adoption itself, on the questions of the breaking-up of gay couples taking care of a child and their fight for the right to be full-right parents. The force of the film stems from the sincerity and humanity of the characters. The film was given an award at the Sundance film festival.

  • In this time-collecting Polish documentary film we meet Masha who left the United States for Russia as her family has the roots in this country. Within a several year period we follow her as she changes her life partners, grows older and matures, however her main desire remains the same: to become a mother.

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