Dalecarlians 0+

(Masjävlar), Maria Blomová, ŠVÉ 2004, Swedish version / Czech and English subtitles, 98 min

Swedish cinematography has a certain special atmosphere and some of its old themes are coming back in a new form. Years after saying goodbye, three sisters meet at a celebration of their father’s seventieth birthday. Bergmanesque in some respects, the film was still popular with audiences. The youngest sister, Mia, left for Stockholm fifteen years prior and hasn’t returned to the Dalecarlia region since. But now she has no excuse, although she is rather more afraid of re-encountering her family than looking forward to it. The middle and oldest sisters, Eivor and Gunnila, haven’t changed much - time has merely emphasised their differing character traits. The provincial spirit of Mia’s hometown hasn’t changed either, though now she perceives it more sharply than before. Family ties, however, are stronger than she imagined, and each of her loved ones is hiding a bitter secret. (source: Catalogue 40th IFF Karlovy Vary)


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