Daniel's World 0+

(Danielův svět), Veronika Lišková, CZ 2014, 75 min

A young writer Daniel was born a paedophile. He is in love and he makes it clear even to the parents of the beloved boy. Daniel’s World is a documentary about a borderline form of love and the human capability of trust and tolerance. The film's attempt to break one of the last sexuality-related taboos is surprisingly not just an insight into the world of sexual predators, child pornography and the abuse of children, but a sensitive recording of Daniel's experiment on how to live a “happy life” as a paedophile. This paradox requires a degree of self-control from Daniel, which is unimaginable for most people, and is rewarded by a dubious chance to spend a few moments with his love, six-year-old Mesa. A daring documentary by Veronika Lišková and Zdeněk Holý, Danielův svět Daniel's World tells the story of a platonic love in which fulfilment would mean more than just moral failure for everybody.

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