David Lynch presents... Chrysta Bell 0+

Chrysta Bell, USA 2012, English version, 120 min

\"Chrysta Bell looks like a dream and Chrysta Bell sings like a dream. And the dream is coming true.\" - David Lynch

Chrysta Bell is a singer, songwriter, entertainer and model who enjoys incorporating dynamic theatrical and multimedia elements into unforgettable performance experiences.

Over the past thirteen years, she has had the pleasure and honor of writing and recording songs with film director David Lynch, the collaboration yielding both the haunting ‘Polish Poem’ from his ‘INLAND EMPIRE’ soundtrack and a full-length record - This Train, released September 2011.

18:30 - workshop with Chrysta Bell and Dutch Rall about the connection between the music and the film
20:00 - live show
22:00 - screening of Wild at Heart

Tickets in advance-sale for 300 CZK are for the whole program. In the day of the event, tickets for 380 CZK.

Partner of the concert is Fénix.


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