David Wants to Fly 0+

David Sieveking, D-A-CH 2010, German / English subtitles, 97 min

On his search for enlightenment, young filmmaker David follows his namesake and idol David Lynch on the path of transcendental meditation laid out by the spiritual guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. But in doing so, he comes a little too close to some of the sect’s well-kept secrets. In this piece of art, David Sieveking manages to tell the story of his detective-like search for meaning in a way which is both light-hearted and deeply personal. On his adventure-packed odyssey from the Teufelsberg hill in Berlin to the Himalayas, via Hollywood, he connects spiritual experiences and bizarre observations with exciting and intelligent documentary research.

The screening is in partnership with Goethe-Institut Prague.

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