Day Watch 0+

(Dněvnoj dozor ), Timur Bekmambetov, Rusko 2006, 132 min

In this, the second part of the epic adaptation of Sergey Lukyanenko’s fantasy trilogy, the world is still being held together by a delicate balance between the forces of Light and Dark. The balance is maintained by so-called Night and Day Watches who see to it that the Treaty is observed. According to the Prophecy, the battle between good and evil will end with the coming of the man predetermined to become the Great Other. This is Yegor, who at the end of the last instalment gave in to The Dark. His father, Anton, tries to mask his son's actions, which violate the Treaty. At the same time he is seeking the Chalk of Fate in order to rewrite fate and bring Yegor over to The Light. The future of the world also depends on the sorceress Svetlana, with whom both men are in love. When the Treaty is definitively broken, a gigantic battle breaks out over Moscow. The only escape is into the past… Day Watch connects the flashy style of Hollywood blockbusters with the traditional poetics of vampires, witches, and werewolves, and sets them in an environment of prefab suburbs and the Moscow Metro. (source: catalogue Karlovy Vary IFF)

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