Dear Sappho | Short films 15+

(dearSAPPHO ), Cari Green; Emmeline Kim; Noémie Fy; Denisse Quintero; Sophia Liu, Benjamin Blot, CDN, USA, F, MEX 2013, Original version/Czech and English subtitles, 82 min

Citizen Jane

The Canadian Army was in the 80s full of women who loved their country, but sometimes even sexy officer. Military Code was for the lesbians in army booths ruthless. So many of them had to choose whether she wants rather go out with a girl or wear camouflaged army clothes.


Dance as a personal confession of love, women, breakups and broken hearts on a song Open Wide by Jocelyn & Presses and Boyfriend Academy, which you will long time hum. And having Ania Cathrine before your eyes in stockings, needless to say.

Agathe and Lou

Two young women form the outwardly beautiful and happy couple. But Lou has a dark chord, which strikes even when Agathe does not wash the dishes according to their preferences. Excellent written and acted film is a chilling anatomy of a relationship that stretches for around invisible violence.


One day Carmelina's quiet life is disrupted by a broken red car and its driver graceful Abril. Since the repair will take at least two days, Abril remains at Carmela and her blind grandfather. Even a two-day romance, however, may change in the lives of many.

Do not look back!

Director devoted this film to City of love. Against the background of the Seine glistening lights night Paris story of innocence and trust in each other when Natalia meets Louis and see if a person has a future alone or in couple.



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