Dědictví aneb Kurva se neříká 0+

Robert Sedláček, CZ 2014, Czech version, 106 min

Vlastička died. Village church, funeral carriage pulled by horses, pastor, inhabitants and friends of a codger Bohumil Stejskal (Boleslav Polívka), a multi-millionaire by the will of God, all of them got older since the movie Dědictví I. Bohumil got older too. He got more possession, worries, kilograms and children but lost the woman of his life. She played music, sang in a local female choir Křepelky, whose member was Vlastička and Bohuš was a sponsor. The death of a close friend brings people together. Everybody is sad or tries to look so. Behind the wall of the cemetery there stopped an older mercedes and old "actress" Irenka got off it. She is watching funeral over the wall, not being brave enough to join others, leaving before the end of the ceremony. Funeral reception takes place in Bohuš´ house. All people you know from the previous movie attend...

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