Depakine Chrono + Bezbolestná – concert 0+

(Depakine Chrono + Bezbolestná – koncert), 120 min
Depakine Chrono + Bezbolestná – concert

Depakine chrono is furious ride from Budějovice.This band is the cornerstone of the local scene around NAAB. In April boys came out with s/t cassette of eight charges of tracks in the style of Lighting Bolt. Listen to it here: and NAAB here

Bezbolestná are two guys from Hradec Králové emo legend La Prosperité who got back together again and formed a new band. This concert will be their premiere in Hradec Králové. Wait emohardcore with blues elements. There is nowhere to listen to it yet, as the boys play for about two months.

Hall, Admission: 80 CZK.


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