Deported to Torture 0+

Line Fabricius - Hussein Ferdowsipour, DÁN 2003, original version / English subtitles, 59 min

In 1999, eighteen-year-old refugee Ashkan Panjahee was sent back to Iran. The Danish authorities said it was safe for him to return. But after arriving in Iran he vanished without a trace. Four years later he re-emerged to tell of years of torture in Iranian prison. DR Dokumentar reconstructed the entire case and followed the now twenty-three year old Ashkan during his first difficult six months in Denmark. He describes the horrors he suffered at the hands of torturers in Iranian prisons. In the programme, former Minister of Interior, Thorkild Simonsen, who refused to grant asylum to the eighteen-year-old on humanitarian grounds, looks back at past events.


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