Desert Hearts 15+

Donna Deitch, USA 1986, English version / Czech subtitles, 96 min

It's 1959. Nevada, USA, is a state famous for its desert landscapes, thriving gambling, and fast divorce procedures. Vivian Bell, a professor of English literature at Columbia University, comes to a ranch in the middle of nowhere to find refuge until she settles all the necessary formalities around dissolving her marriage which she calls “an alliance for career reasons.” Despite her academic reputation, Vivian is completely at a loss about what to do with her life and especially with herself. She meets Kay, a young sculptor and stepdaughter of the alcoholic ranch owner, and is fascinated by not only her energy, but also by her kindness and opinions on life. The friendship is forming into something deeper and Vivian is forced to admit that up until this point she only knew about love from literature, and books couldn't have prepared her for these real feelings. “The first lesbian drama with a happy ending” by director Donna Deitch, tells the story of prejudices and a love just as unexpected and extraordinary as winning in a Nevada casino.

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