Desert Riders 0+

Vic Sarin, CDN 2011, original version / English and Czech subtitles, 80 min
Desert Riders

Their giant bodies knocking into each other, the camels struggle to overtake each other at high speeds on a narrow racetrack. Along the route, several honking cars follow the animals, urging them on. Riders desperately cling to the backs of these “arks of the desert,” as a fall could be deadly. Wealthy sheiks from countries along the Persian Gulf are willing to do anything to win camel races, including forcing small children to ride – lighter saddle equals faster camel. In Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sudan, wealthy merchants look for parents of little boys willing to give them up for financial remuneration. In conditions tantamount to slavery, the children are forced to tend to the camels and race, regardless of their own health. This film introduces viewers to the degenerate environment of camel racing which, thanks to child trafficking and labour, has thrived. Families of the former riders admit that their decisions forced their children into slavery.


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