Devil' s Miner 0+

Richard Ladkani, Kief Davidson, Bolivie - NĚM - USA 2004, 84 min

Fourteen-year-old Basilio Vargas works with his brother in the Bolivian silver mines of Cerro Rico. The mountain, into whose depths they must regularly descend, has been given the nickname the \"devourer of humans\" by the locals. According to estimates several million people have died in these mines during the more than 450 years in which they have been in operation. Currently there are over 5,000 miners working here, including 800 children. Everyone firmly believes that the final word about their fate is in the hands of the devil, represented by hundreds of gruesome looking statues, at whose feet the miners place various offerings every day. Basilio has already worked in the mines for four years, often for 24 hours in a row, because after the death of his father his family did not have enough money. At the same time he still tries to attend school, because he knows very well that without an education he can hardly hope to find better work. This documentary film by Richard Ladkani and Kief Davidson naturally captures through the example of little Basilio the difficult situation of children who are forced by circumstances to work in harsh and extremely dangerous conditions.


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