Dies Irae / The Michael Nyman Songbook 0+

Jean-Gabriel Periot / Volker Schlöndorff, FRA / NĚM 2005, originál version / Czech sub-subtitles, 65 min
  • A beautiful and elegiac cycle expressing the penultimate hopes and infinite nostalgia of the voyage, consisting entirely of still images and painstakingly assembled into a emotionally moving pictorial essay. "remember that I am the cause of your journey / don't lose me on the way" - director Jean-Gabriel Periot.

  • Academy Award-winning director Volker Schlondorff's concert film of the contemporary chanteuse Ute Lemper in Hamburg, as she performs the songbook of noted film and new music composer Michael Nyman, with the maestro himself conducting his Michael Nyman Band in their immediately recognizable trademark sound. Consisting of short pieces inspired by texts from W.A Mozart and Arthur Rimbaud as well as a longer cycle which sets poems by the Czernowitz-born German-Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor Paul Celan alongside musical quotations from Chopin and Gorecki, The Michael Nyman Songbook is a cinematic record of one of the landmark projects of the European art song in recent years.

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