Dikolson plays Harold 0+

(Dikolson hraje Harolda), Harold Lloyd, 0000, 80 min
Dikolson plays Harold

Live soundtrack for grotesque Grandma's Bay (Harold Lloyd) by Filip Misek project Dikolson.

There's something lovingly sweet about Filip Misek's vibrant debut solo album. Though his previous compositions for the defunct indie-electronic outfit Khoiba were always consistently strong, now that another fruitful chapter has opened, the area of more experimental layers gives emphasis on developing sonic structures where voice is not in the forefront and is much less used.

Most impressive is the sheer scope and ingenuity of Filip Misek's songwriting, building up songs from breathy and delicate fragments that do not follow the similar template, not easy to decipher with every listen.

Filip Misek's alter ego Dikolson is taking experiences from composing movie scores "Restart" (2005), "Day of the dragon" (2010), dance and visual performance "Indefinite kingdom" (2010, Tokyo, July 25th 2010), as founder member of widely popular indie-electronic outfit Khoiba with touring experiences across Austria, Germany, Finland, Poland, France, The Netherlands and sharing the stage with The Cure, Maximo Park, IAMX.


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