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Scala Pass for You

Scala Pass which you might have been using and remember it as a paper card is now replaced with a plastic card. This Scala Pass is not only plastic but has many other features:

- it is not assigned to one particular person but it transferrable and can be used by a group of people
- its design relates to the overall design of our cinema
- it can be repeatedly recharged
- it can be used to purchase tickets not only to Scala, but also to Aero, Oko, Světozor in Prague!

The paper version of this pass could be used only once, while Scala card can be now recharged either in person at the box office or online at our web.

You can lend the Pass to your friend or you can buy more tickets for one show using the Pass.

The Scala Pass functions on the principle of credits which you buy and upload to the Pass. Credits can be purchased either at the box office or online using the online reservation system. One credit equals 1 CZK and you can buy your credits in bundles

500 credits for 500 CZK or
1100 credits for 1000 CZK.

Example: if you wish to buy a ticket for 130 CZK, you will use 130 credits from your Pass. If you buy a ticket for 60 CZK, than you will need to use 60 credits. And so on – your Pass can be used to buy tickets to any screening, including live transmissions, in any of our cinemas.
If you run out of credits on your Pass, you can recharge it at the box office or online using the online reservation system.
In case you have your last 20 credits on your account but would like to buy a ticket for 130 CZK, you can buy additional credits to allow you to buy this last ticket and use all of your credits. This can be only done at the box office.

It even functions without the plastic card itself! If you are a regular visitor to our cinema, you can buy your credits online in our reservation system, and use them to pay for your online tickets. In any moment you can check how many credits you have already used and how many are left. If you feel like having the plastic card in your wallet, no problem – just come to the box office and ask for one, it’ll be assigned to your account.

In case you lose your plastic Pass but still know how to login to our online reservation system, nothing is lost. A new card will be issued to you and assigned to your account, you would only pay a small handling fee for a new card. The first card if for free.

Your credits are valid for 1 year. If you don’t buy any credits for more than 12 months, we’ll send you an email with a reminder to use your credits as soon as possible. If you don’t use them, they will be erased. The card itself can be recharged repeatedly even after the 12 months of inactivity.


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