Documentary Mondays with FAMU 0+

různí režiséři, ČR 2006, Czech version, 104 min

VÍZMBURK CASTLE, dir. Veronika Janečková, 16 min. This film tells the story of a group of archeologists who worked on a research of the Vizmburk Castle in the district of Trutnov. The research lasted for 11 years; after it was finished the castle wasn’t passed on as a national monument but it was left as it was. The film focuses on relationships which came to existence due to the castle, on the disappearance of the castle, on the reaction of the neighbors, on the passing time and the understanding of presence and the celebration of one big friendship.

RESTORATION, dir. Bohdan Bláhovec, 11 min. This is a by-product of family therapy. The film tells of a father and son, of addictions and inner and outer reconstructions. Inside a family house which is being rebuilt the son finds the father’s behavior as the source of his problems. Who has greater problems in the end? Will they both be reconstructed or will it seem that nothing changed?

KONĚV IRON WORKS, dir. Honza Šípek, 18 min. During Communism the Konev iron works in Kladno produced steel which was imported into the Western countries. First fell the Communist regime, than the capitalist Vladimir Stehlik left the iron works deserted. The splendid Poldi factory left 20 000 workers behind and the working class estates turned into a ghetto. Nature returns to Konev, the site is in harmony again, the locals take what is left of it. The mines produce last bits which can be sold. Money is spend on drinking. Life is still lived! Bohumil Hrabal and Vladimir Boudnik are still present.

UNDER UNDERGROUND, dir. Viera Čákanyová, 18 min. This is a “documentary” about the relation between underground and “overground” culture. It is about the meanings and metamorphosis of the term underground. It is a film about people who did not exist and about those who do not exist.

THE BEST, dir. Tomáš Potočný, 10 min. Kamil is the best and he hopes that will help him to secure the family. Soon he finds out that it’s not that easy and that all the possible (mainly the media) ways leading to his goal are quite demanding. There is another Kamil on TV! Both our Kamil and his hopes start to change. Who will win in the end?

JOAN AND THE BIKERS, dir. Helena Všetečková, 31 min. A film about the bikers near Kostelec, about love and friendship as well as about forest.

The partner of the screening is FAMU.


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