Documentary Mondays with FAMU II. 0+

různí režiséři/various directors, ČR 2006, Czech version, 100 min

YIPPEE, 12 min. Matěj Ptaszek lives in his world of blues legends and outsiders. He himself feels as an outcast and finds freedom as the most important thing. He comes from Ostrava, makes music in Prague but his dream is to go to the USA one day.

HELLO BABU, dir. Jan Foukal, 35 min. This film tells an intimate story from the psychiatric clinic in Bohnice, Prague. It is told by Pavel Pekárik who is one of the patients. The film tries to answer the question weather a film camera can be used as a form of art therapy.

ABOUT PARASKEVA, dir. Jaroslava Bagdasarova, 12 min. The inspiration for this film was a hagiography of St. Paraskeva, however not in relation to holiness but in relation to the inner feeling of happiness. We created a heroine – a completely different woman who slightly wanted to be like St. Paraskeva but spent her life just shyly answering the question weather she is happy.

VLADIMIR RANNEV, PORTRAIT OF A COMPOSER, dir. Jaroslava Bagdasarova, 20 min. During a Baroque suite Vladimir takes a walk; he appears and disappears in different places and textures. As Lully’s ballet dancer he balanced among high and low art. Sometimes he replaces words by a song and there is this touch of “I” in the air…

STOLEN (ABOUT WORDS), dir. Andrea Slováková, 4 min. A play with words taken from texts by J.F. Lyotard which are being commented on reveals that words are often quite far from their meaning.

THE SKY, dir. Andrea Slováková, 17 min. This is a slightly meteorological film about the creation, behavior and the storming of clouds. It is about things which started to visualize just now (e.g. water in the atmosphere); about the similarity between fantasy and clouds. One physicist tells us a little about atoms , a painter tells us something about colors.


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