Dog Day Afternoon 0+

Sidney Lumet, USA 1975, English version / Czech subtitles, 131 min

The plan was a 20-minute action - enter the local bank with a shotgun, take the money, and disappear. Sonny’s plan goes south instantly though and he is his own prisoner in the bank with a bunch of unintended hostages. Separated only by a glass door, the police teams are gathering outside, followed by TV crews streaming the stalemate situation live to the small screens and hordes of passerby locals, who support Sonny - only until they find out who he was stealing the money for. A brilliant suspense thriller stars the young Al Pacino and offers the film version of an actual event from August 22, 1973. The war of nerves is on, the temperature rising in the claustrophobic closed-off space, the media are frantic and there is no way out… Dog Day Afternoon is an archive treasure of the New Hollywood era and was nominated for six Academy Awards (winning the one for Best Screenplay).

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