Dogville Confessions 0+

Sami Saif, DÁN 2003, original version / English subtitles, 52 min

Another masterpiece of Zentropa production. This time it is a parallel creation of making the original film Dogville by Lars von Trier. The extravagant filmmaker works with a crew of about 20 people including movie stars such as Nicol Kidman, Lauren Becall or Paul Bettany. They were locked for 7 weeks in an atelier that changed in an extraordinary filmsetting, becoming a basis for an experiment with the audience's imagination. The town streets are merely drawn on the wooden floor, resembling more a theatre than anything else. There are no efforts to achieve any level of authenticity. A powerful film reveals the shooting process, emotions and behaviour of the people involved. The more extreme the conditions of the filmmaking are, the easier it is to make personal confessions among the actors. Being closed in an atelier works on similar principles as a reality show. It is a space you cannot escape from, very suitable for direct confrontation of people who are there only to make true a dream of a great director, a playing child. The documentary filmmaker Sami Martin Saif succeeded in entering the hidden world of emotions and thoughts of the mysterious author.


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