Doing Time, Doing Vipassana 0+

Eilona Ariel, Aylet Menahemi, VB 1997, English, Hindu / English subtitles, 53 min
Doing Time, Doing Vipassana

Tihar jail, the biggest prison in India. 9000 people are waiting for their trial while 1000 are already sentenced. Place where inmates have been treated under human conditions – this place has been known as a literal hell. The greater the suffering, the lower possibility of return. – this was the belief of the past that was not proven to be true. But only until a small women with great vison came and become the Inspector General of prisons.

Kiran Bedi was appointed a new Inspector General of prisons of Tihar Jail in 1993. She wanted to transform the prison into a place of personal development – an ashram. She provided love and care to her inmates, she sang with them, read with them, danced with them, threated them like human beings. However she was looking for a deeper remedy that would transform the mind of her prisoners, make them realise what they have done to the society, to felllow human beings and enable them to change. The solution came in the form of ancient indian meditation techniquie called vipassana. The art of living – way of seeing things in their pure nature, the way they realy are.

We are all prisoners of our own mind – every one of us is sometimes owerwhelmed by anger, hatred and other negative thoughts. The only difference between us and those behind the fences is that their thoughts cross the border of their heads and transformed into action.

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