Don Quixote | Bolshoi Ballet 0+

(Don Quijote | Bolšoj balet), Alexej Fadeječev, RUS 2011, 180 min
Don Quixote | Bolshoi Ballet

Music: Ludwig MINKUS
Choreography: Marius PETIPA, Alexander GORSKY
Revival and new choreographic version: Alexei FADEYECHEV
3h (2 breaks)

Originally choreographed by Marius Petipa to the music of Ludwig Minkus, Don Quixote was first presented by the Ballet of the Imperial Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow in 1869. Over the years, Don Quixote has been modified, restaged and has become a staple of the Bolshoi repertoire. All modern productions of the Petipa/Minkus ballet are derived from the version staged by Alexander Gorsky for the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow in 1900. Later embellishments also included the challenging task for one ballerina to perform both Kitri and Dulcinea’s roles.This new choreographic version by Alexei Fadeyechev dates from June 1999 and has been dansed by the Bolshoi Ballet across the world during their tours. Here, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza are not the central characters, they become characters who connects all the scenes together. The real heroes are Kitri and Basilio and the ballet is fun, more open, more exuberant than all its previous versions.

Don Quixote, a nobleman obsessed with chivalry and romance, decides to go on a quest to accomplish great feats, which will bring glory to his name. In Barcelona, Lorenzo, the innkeeper, chases away the penniless Basilio, who is flirting with his daughter Kitri. He has already promised her hand to the rich Gamache. When Don Quixote appears, he mistakes the inn for a castle, Lorenzo for its lord, and Kitri for Dulcinea, a princess...


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