Double Agent 0+

(Ijung kancheob), Kim Hyun-jung, Korea 2003, Korean / English subtitles, 120 min

With taut direction, perfect performances, and a sleek visual style, Double Agent is reminiscent of the best European and American spy thrillers of the 1960s and 70s. The story happens in solemn of cold war 1980. A North Korean espionage agent Lim Byong-ho defects to South Korea in disguise with a duty to „revolutionize“ South Korea. Assigned to the Analysis Department of North within South Korea´s national Security agency, he secretly works as a double agent. In a turn of events, both sides of Korea betray Byung-ho and now he has nowhere to hide.

Kim Hyun-jung graduated from Korean Film Academy. He wrote screenplay for the well known Korean film Public Enemy and his short film, Reservoir Sons of Bitches, was invited to the Vancouver Film Festival. He wrote a script in 2003 for his friend‘ s movie Untold Scandal directed by another young star of contemporary korean cinema E.J. Yong. At the same time he made his contraversial feature debut Double Agent.


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