Dr. Nagesh 0+

(Docteur Nagesh), Dominique Henry, Vincent Detours, Belgie 2004, 51 min

In the train station in Bombay India an overcrowded train arrives. When looking at the flowing masses of people, it is impossible to guess which of these individuals will head in the direction of the examination room of Dr. Nagesh Shirgoppikar. Patients come from various corners of India to see Dr. Nagesh and they all have the same problem. They are HIV positive and a majority of them do not have enough money for the expensive drugs, which could at least extend their lives and relieve the most difficult pain. Dr. Nagesh provides consultations and examinations for free. Patients, who do not have enough finances for the medicines, are placed in contact with local businessman and philanthropist M. Rashid, who covers the cost of the most urgently-needed medicines. \"My wife and I are HIV positive for five years, but you are the only one who knows about it. I am afraid to tell my wife,\" confides a hopeless man to Dr. Nagesh and asks him for help. Dr. Nagesh also works as a psychotherapist, as a majority of the patients have fears connected with the illness, especially about how those in their surroundings will react. The blunt style of this noteworthy documentary film, which takes place almost entirely in the examination room of Dr. Nagesh, allows the power of the testimonies from the mouths of the individual patients to come through in the story. Their deepest fears, merciful self-delusions and simple hope impel them to meet with the understanding of a man, who like few in the world, can understand their position.


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